The E-Cigarette Summit was initially held in London in 2013.  Following four successful years, and after encouragement from many of the US scientists and researchers who had made the trip to London  we made the decision to run the first Washington Summit in 2017.

The London Summit has been chaired by Prof Ann McNeill since it’s inception and we were delighted that Prof. Thomas Glynn agreed to take up the challenge of mentoring and Chairing the Washington Summit.

Ahead of the first Virtual Summit in 2020, we had an opportunity to record a video with Prof McNeill and Prof Glynn on the issues that e-cigarettes raise both in tobacco control and public health communities.  We also asked them to choose two of their favourite presentations.

Below is the pre-recorded video and the nominated London and Washington Summit presentation highlights.

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Ahead of this year’s Summit, we’re delighted to share the video recording of a conversation with our London Chair, Prof Ann McNeill, Kings College London and our Washington Chair, Prof Thomas J. Glynn, Stanford University School of Medicine.  They reflect on the state of the e-cigarette and harm reduction debate, why it has been so divisive and what their hopes are for the future.  We also discussed their favourite presentations from the London and Washington Summits respectively, and these, along with the full conversation, can be found below.