Nicotine as a cultural drug: It’s harmfulness and dependence

Time: 14:00 - 14:15

Date: Thursday 3rd December

Nicotine is a cultural drug like caffeine and alcohol but nowadays much contested.  In certain places it looks like cannabis is filling its void.  Data on its harmfulness on the population level will be presented. Nicotine’s dependence potential is related to its administration form.  Roughly the dependence potential is associated with amount of behaviour that goes with administration of nicotine.  As much as there is a continuum of harm from nicotine containing products there is also a continuum of dependence.  In the low end of the of the continuum we have nicotine patches and in the high end traditional cigarettes.  Comparisons of dependence across some nicotine containing products and to caffeine will be presented

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  • Karl Fagerstrom Professor Emeritus - President, Fagerstrom Consulting

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