The latest Cochrane review of electronic cigarettes for smoking cessation: key conclusions and comparisons with existing policy

Time: 10:55 - 11:10

Date: Thursday 3rd December

Cochrane reviews are accepted as the gold-standard for investigating the evidence of potential harms and benefits of healthcare interventions. The Cochrane review of electronic cigarettes for smoking cessation was first published in 2014. A recent update, published in October 2020, now finds increased evidence of benefit for e-cigarettes with nicotine when used to quit smoking. Many policymakers, however, remain reticent to encourage their use for this purpose, citing ongoing uncertainty. This presentation will include a summary of findings from the most recent update, and then compare the Cochrane reviews’ conclusions with that from key national and international policy documents, such as the US Surgeon General’s 2020 report on smoking cessation and recent statements from the World Health Organisation.

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