The UK Stop Smoking Services in a new era

Time: 13:20 - 13:50

Date: Friday 4th December

The UK Stop Smoking Services in a new era:  Robert West leads a conversation with three stop smoking advisor/service practitioners to explore the real-life experiences of cessation services. Much of the conversation around e-cigarettes focuses on scientific, policy and regulatory debates.  This session will look at how this translates in practice and ask:

  • How has vaping influenced or changed the stop smoking service and how does this fit within the traditional NRT and Medicinal tool kit
  • Do you think there is a value for a medicinal e-cigarette that can be prescribed
  • What concerns do service users have about e-cigarettes
  • What was the experience of developing vaping policies within the local government and/or health hierarchies
  • Flavours and nicotine limits remain contentious issues   -what are your views
  • How long should people vape for
  • What advice would you give to a commissioner who wanted to add vaping to their menu of options for service users
  • have e-cigarettes had a positive or negative impact on stop smoking services and the community they serve.


  • Louise Ross Vice Chair - NNA
  • Nicky Coote Service Lead & Specialist Smoking Cessation Practitioner - Barnet Stop Smoking Service, Public Health
  • Richard Holley Area Manager (Smoking Cessation), Tobacco Control Lead - Northamptonshire Stop Smoking Service

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