England – the frontrunner on vaping, not the outlier

Time: 10:20 - 10:35

Date: Wednesday 8th December 2021

ASH welcomed the MHRA enhanced guidance on medical licensing for e-cigs supported by the Chief Executive of the MHRA. We agreed with the Secretary of State for Health who said, “Opening the door to a licensed e-cigarette prescribed on the NHS has the potential to tackle the stark disparities in smoking rates across the country, helping people stop smoking wherever they live and whatever their background.” However, the new guidance has been criticised from both sides. England was called the “outlier” by some, yet again too “laissez-faire on vaping”, others said that in fact the new guidance was not a step forward but a step back and would make it harder not easier for companies seeking a medicinal licence. This talk will look at why the process is the way it is, and the potential it has to change the shape of vaping, not just in the UK but also worldwide.

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