Tobacco Harm Reduction and Politics in the US:

Time: 11:25 - 11:40

Date: Friday 4th December

As the U.S. election is underway and we wait to hear if there is a new Administration / Congressional leadership, this session will explore the material implications for tobacco control and public health policies that would result. With election results for both branches of government likely to remain in flux for weeks, there is one political truth that holds to be self evident regardless of electoral outcome: Democrats in all levels of government routinely turn to the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids and Bloomberg Philanthropies for guidance on how to approach tobacco policy issues. These two non-profits are held in high regard as deeply trusted partners by virtually all Democrats, and actively encourage policymakers to advance universal flavor bans, increased taxes, and nicotine caps in all tobacco products. This means that wherever we find Democrats in power, we need to contemplate these suite of policies as real possibilities; whether that’s in the White House, Congress, state legislatures, or state administrations.

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