Unintended market consequences from the regulation of vape products in the US, and the prospects for future regulation in Europe

Time: 16:05 - 16:20

Date: Tuesday 7th December 2021

The vape category is subject to differing regulation across the world, with many governments becoming more restrictive towards the category in the last few years. It is only recently that we have enough data in this very fragmented sector to show clear correlations between the adoption of a restrictive policy and the market and consumer changes which result. I will present our market data in the US showing clear growth in flavoured disposable vape products and synthetic nicotine which correlate to restrictions imposed on flavoured pod products and an increasingly negative outlook for the PMTA process. In Europe, I will present similar data showing market responses to the restrictions brought in by the Tobacco Products Directive. In addition, I will show some initial output from our second survey of European Parliament MEPs to demonstrate their understanding of and attitude towards new nicotine products in the lead up to being asked to vote on policy which will hugely affect the category in the EU in the years to come.

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