Prof Martin Jarvis

Emeritus Professor of Health Psychology, Department of Behavioural Science & Health

University College London


Martin Jarvis is Emeritus Professor of Health Psychology at the Department of Behavioural Science & Health, University College London. He has been researching tobacco and nicotine use for the past 40 years. He has served as a trustee of ASH, was Chair of the UK government’s Technical Advisory Group on Tobacco and Health, and was Specialist Adviser to the House of Commons Health Committee’s inquiries into tobacco and health and into smoking in public places.  He was for some years a member of the World Health Organisation’s study group on Tobacco Product Regulation. With colleagues Robert West and Jamie Brown he has recently published a paper on the youth vaping “epidemic” in the USA : Jarvis MJ, West R, Brown J. Epidemic of youth nicotine addiction? What does the National Youth Tobacco Survey reveal about high school e-cigarette use in the USA?

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