Will a change in packaging policy reduce youth e-cigarette use in the UK?

Time: 11:25 - 11:40

Date: Thursday 16th November 2023

An increase in youth use of e-cigarettes has coincided with an sharp increase in the market and visibility of brightly coloured and packaged devices.  In this presentation, Eve will share the results of a recent research project that looked at how both young people and adults responded to current packaging and flavour descriptors, and the impact that restrictions had on their perceptions.  This talk will explore how standardization of packaging elements for e-cigarettes may reduce the appeal of products to youth and consider the question of unintended consequences. Eve will also discuss a need for cohesion of policy across nicotine products.


  • Eve Taylor MSc PHD Student and Research Assistant - Nicotine Research Group - King's College London (KCL)

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