E-cigarettes and vascular health

Time: 11:10 - 11:25

Date: Thursday 3rd December

VESUVIUS, the British Heart Foundation-funded clinical trial is believed to have been the largest study undertaken to-date in comparing the impact of  tobacco vs e-cigarettes on cardiovascular health, with the findings published by the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

The SCHEER preliminary opinion on electronic cigarettes (EC) states that there is strong evidence for the long-term systemic impact of EC on the cardiovascular system. The conclusion drawn by this preliminary report is at odds with the report it purports to reference and the literature review was selective, of poor quality and concerningly unbalanced. The report fails to acknowledge that there are a significant number of human clinical trials that have demonstrated a beneficial effect of switching from tobacco cigarettes to EC as a harms reduction measure.

This discussion will present data on VESUVIUS and discuss the current state of evidence for the cardiovascular impact of e-cigarettes.



  • Prof Jacob George Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine and Therapeutics - University of Dundee

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